The Origin of Neck & Shoulder Tension

Why do we get a sore neck and shoulders and how do we heal? We all want to feel nice and relaxed in our bodies at all time, however, it is easier said than done. Every day we are exposed to physical and emotional situations that have an effect on us. Often, we end up carrying that feeling with us in our physical body. There are two types of origins for neck and shoulder discomfort, a physical and an emotional.

Physical discomfort can come from sitting in front of a computer too much, not enough physical activity, incorrect position when sitting or doing manual work, overstretching, bad eyesight, poor posture and direct injury to the region. These physical strains on the body can be quite easy to fix, if they are recent, however, prolonged exposure to a straining position can be more challenging to overcome.

Emotionally caused discomfort can come from stress, depression, anxiety, insecurity, loss of a loved one, or lack of a feeling of self-worth to name a few. This sort of tension needs to be treated with a different approach; working solely on the physical site will only give temporary relief. The underlying cause of the problem needs to be addressed too. Why do we tense our shoulders after every meeting with our boss and why do we get a headache when we take too much on?

The beauty with massage therapy is that it helps you both on the physical and emotional level. A good therapist will tailor the treatment to find the underlying cause of tension and then adapt the massage to suit. If you are under significant amount of pressure and stress, a relaxing massage will be more beneficial to you than a firm fast rub. You might need to disconnect, be nurtured, feel safe to be able to let go of your emotional tension. When your tension is of a physical origin you might receive a deeper massage that focuses on your problem area.

A talented therapist can easily use the same techniques to treat both physical and emotional tension. It is about adapting the pressure and creating a suitable vibe and environment when massaging. Every client should be able to relax, trust and let go.