Storing Energy

Are you like me, a sensitive person who tunes in to how other people are feeling? If I am around a sad person, I get sad. If I have a happy and motivated person around me, I feel the same. However, it can be very draining to be so sensitive and to constantly feel what others are feeling. Being an empath is fantastic but it is hard work! I find crowds draining and need a lot of me time, where I am completely alone in my own company.

Having a business where I constantly work with people and where I constantly get exposed to people’s feelings was at the start energetically draining. However, over the years I have mastered my energy sharing and absorption and now can be present and listen when I need too but then disconnect and leave it be for the moment. I can still pick it up again next time I meet the client.

How do I do that? Well, I had to admit to myself that I am an empath no matter what and that I will always feel for a client or friend but that I do not need to carry that with me outside of our appointment. Me carrying their energy in my everyday life is not helping them in any way. I also had to remind myself that I am not desensitising myself to their problems, that I am cold and heartless, I only leave the feeling once the appointment is finished.

Sometimes this is harder said then done, especially if it comes to friends and family that are in your life more than a client. Then I have to tell myself that worrying for them is not making me stronger in the situation and a weak me will not be as supportive as I might want to be. Worrying for someone twenty-four-seven is not healthy for you, it is not helping the person you are worried about and it definitely is not making you less emotionally committed.