Dr Johansson, YES that is right, I am actually a Dr!

Dr Johansson with Cups

I got my doctorate in 2012 after a PhD in Marine Ecology at JCU. Six years later, I am here, as the owner of Balance Massage Tsv! What a turn around, what happened? Well, what didn’t happen is the right question I think. My journey into the healing benefits of massage therapy started in 2009 when I met my massage therapist Bernie. Going through the ups and downs of a PhD, being in the field a lot and going through a nasty break up had taken a toll on me physically. I decided to see a massage therapist to work on those sore muscles.

Very soon we realized that the muscular tension I was experiencing was only the physical symptoms of what I was going through. There was so much more underlying stress, and mental pressure, that was having a greater impact on me than those sore muscles. After each treatment with Bernie I felt like a new person and I remember once, the turning point day, when I left her clinic, drove to Anderson’s Gardens and sat under a tree. In the car I thought to myself, this is what I would love to do. I want to help people. I want to make a difference in peoples lives. If she can make me go from a low place to a high place in only one hour I want to do the same. And that was the beginning of my journey to becoming a massage therapist.

Now, I have left science to do something that I love, something that allows me to help and support others. And I am so happy that I was brave to make that decision to transition into this industry and for the support I had at the time.