Here are some great resources that you mind find helpful on your wellness journey. Please make sure to check out the Wellness Women, they are incredibly knowledged in anything women's health and they have over one hundred pod cast episodes to discover!

The Wellness Women

Fantastic knowledge about anything female! They have a great pod cast called Wellness Women Radio with episodes about everything from irregular periods, endometriosis to inflamatory foods. Check them out and become addicted to their knowledge!


TEDx talks

TEDx is a fantastic source of information. Search for the different topics or why not look at 25 most popular talks!

Here are some of my favourits:

The neurons that shaped civilatiation

3 clues to understand your brain 

How trees talk to each other

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes



Fantastic resource for mediation. It covers everything from beginners to advanced and short to long meditations. Developed by Andy Puddicombe.