Our mind is such an incredibly powerful tool. Often we do not give it a break from continous activity. Mediation is a fantastic tool to allow our brain to disconnect from the everyday mind activity it does. We can learn to let go of emotions, become more patient and feel more relaxed and connected with our own body. If you have never tried meditation before, I recommend starting with Headspace. It is geared toward beginners and advanced meditation practitioners. Check out the link to the app in the resource section.

Headspace Mini Meditation

Andy Puddicombe

Guided Meditaion

Moment of Stillness - Sarah Edelman Pt. 1

Guided Meditation

Moment of Stillness - Sarah Edelman Pt. 2

Relaxation Music

Soothing Relaxation

Relaxation Music


Relaxation Music

Morning in the forest

Relaxation Music

Tibetan Meditation

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