I specialise in treating more than just the physical body, therefore, I might work on your energy system to assist with muscle release. Each treatment is designed to be relaxing, yet effective, and create a feeling of nurture and care. I have a gentle holistic approach focusing on the edges of the muscle before releasing the body of the muscle.

First Appointment

Your first visit to the clinic is your first opportunity to tell me why you are here and how you want me to help.


To make this and future treatments meet your expectations, I will ask you to fill in a Health History Form. This will help me understand you, your body and your energy levels. It is also a great opportunity for you to review your health status.


We then go through your form together before deciding upon a treatment. After your treatment we review it, discuss findings and future sessions.


Remember, you are here for you, and your road to recovery can take time. Just as no two people are the same, neither are their recoveries.

All first appointments are 90 min to ensure we have sufficient time to discuss your goals and treat you.