Somatic Trauma Therapy

"The body remembers what the mind forgets". Our body holds memories, it holds tension and emotions that we often ignore. Somatic Trauma Therapy offers an alternative approach to cognitive trauma therapy. Trauma is a felt experience, it happens in your body, not your just your mind. Therefore, understanding and healing trauma can only happen if we also address the felt sense. Often do we need to talk and process our experience but just as often do we need to feel safe, supported and loved.


In Somatic Trauma Therapy, you will be nurtured and supported. You will be respected and held. You will feel safe to explore, to feel and to let go.


We work on a few basic principles, feeling safe, establishing resources to increase your resilience and soul reconnection. 

What is trauma?

Trauma is: "too much, too fast, too soon". It is a felt sense, a response to an event that sent you into fight or flight. Trauma is a highly individualized experience, just as us humans are unique, so is our trauma.

When trauma happens, we become ungrounded. We disconnect from ourselves, others or the environment. And that is scary. Therefore, we are working with the core emotion of fear. When we feel ungrounded and disconnected, we can be anxious, constantly triggered, suffer from depression or be physically unwell.


Safe space and Soul reconnection

We work with safety here. Our main goal is to create a safe space for you to do your work. We do so by lots of nurture, love and respect. We want you to feel cared for at all levels.

We work with developing your resources. That means, we teach you to understand your stress response, what calms and soothes you, how you can assess your physical, emotional and energetic body to improve your wellbeing. We use talk therapy and art therapy to educate. We then use somatic techniques like trauma focused massage, emotional release, energy therapy and grounding to assist you with the reconnection to your body. This is your journey, so it is guided by your needs.

But most importantly, we work with reconnection to self. Soul reconnection. We help you find out who you are, what your core values are, and that process in itself, is a healing process. For some, this is called ascension.


Ancient wisdom & Modern science

We speak soul language here. Soul, energy, chakras and healing is normal words in our care. We blend the ancient wisdom about the body and healing with modern science. We smudge to create a safe space and look at resources to improve your window of tolerance. We blend and integrate, as we believe healing is tapping into all wisdom and using what is right for us. 

We call in protection, might draw cards, look at the resilience model and see which element is healing for you. Soul speak, energy therapy, essential oils and spirits are just as normal as the resilience theory and the polyvagal theory. If we speak your language, you have found your tribe.