Creating Balance

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Creating Balance is an in depth self-paced course designed to help you understand a bit more about what is going on in your mind and body when you are feeling stressed, anxious or just out of balance. You will develop a range of new skills and resources. In this course you will learn about why your mind and body responds to stress the way it does. You will learn about orienting response, and five types of resources you have access to and benefit from developing and defining. During the course you will learn to ground yourself and how to self-soothe by applying somatic techniques to yourself. You will understand the importance of harnessing your creativity as well as setting clear and strong boundaries. At the completion of the course, you will understand why you respond to stress the way you do and have a a pack of resources you can utilize at any time. You will have learnt to express self-love and kindness to self and written a safety response plan. This plan is your recipe to creating calm and balance and will be your new best friend.



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