My mission is to nurture, heal and grow beautiful souls

About Me

I am Dr Charlotte Johansson, the owner of Balance Massage. What once started as a massage business has now evolved into a beautiful holistic practice where I focus on assisting you with the somatic memories and responses you have to trauma.

I base most of my work on somatic psychology and its approach to trauma. I mix that with my experience in massage therapy and energy healing. A lot of my inspiration and educational resources comes from Dr Gabor Mate's ground breaking trauma work, somatic psychology and my own doctoral studies in field of resilience. In this beautiful mix of resources, I add the knowledge I have from my practice and what I learn from your journeys. 


My Purpose

I love what I do. It is my mission to nurture, heal and grow beautiful souls. It is raw, organic and simple. It is about helping you reconnect with you soul self, so you can find your purpose and live a more soul fulfilling life.

There is no one fits all recipe for successful healing, we are all different. We have different starting points, our paths takes different turns, some crosses creeks, climbs mountains and walk through tunnels. But what they all do have in common is that they teach us valuable life lessons, they build our resilience and make us stronger.

How do we do this? I have a few steps I follow; the rest is up to you. This is your journey. You are the author of your book, the director of the movie called You. Once we have established a safe connection so you feel safe, comfortable and trusting of me, we look at developing resources. We talk about your boundaries, if and how you ground, what inspire you and makes you feel passionate and we go through the different somatic resources you have and can develop. Then we start addressing the somatic memories, where they sit in your body and how they make you feel emotionally, physically and energetically; always ensuring you feel safe.

Since trauma can be both cognitive as well as somatic, I always recommend having a good trauma psychologist to support you.