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Welcome, this is your safe space to seek healing from past trauma, manage stress and recover from burn-out. Using talk therapy, massage and healing as modalities, we explore where you are at in your healing journey and we plan for how you can move forward to become more balanced.


Each treatment is designed to make you feel nourished and nurtured. There is a strong emphasis on evoking a state of relaxation whilst working through physical, emotional and energetic shifts. We combine grounding techniques with energy balancing to assist with anxiety and depression and essential oils to assist with mood.


Healing is diverse and each step is different from the previous. Together we see ups and downs as layers are peeled and new challenges revealed. It might be a short and quick journey or a long one filled with beautiful experiences sprinkled across a rocky road. Trust that you are in safe hands and fully in charge of your own healing pace. I am there to assist you open new doors and help you close others. Remember, only you can heal yourself.  

With Wellness,

Dr Charlotte

PhD (Science), CertIV (Massage therapy)

Meet Dr Charlotte

As a person deeply connected with nature and Earth, I have since I was very young seeked peace and rest in the ancient forests of Sweden. After a severe burn-out in my early twenties I felt energetically lost until I came to Australia and began my true healing jouney. It was during massage treatments that I discovered that much of my trauma was stored in my body, as memories, and that my connection to myself, Earth and spirit was still there.


After a decade long career in marine research and becoming the Earth mother of two precious souls, I started recieving messages to follow a new, the true, path. After much resistance I did. I now work with my passion, to help people through trauma, stress and burn-out and I do so using massage, talk therapy and healing as tools. I believe we need a holistic approach to healing, where we treat to heal physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally. 





"I can not recommended Charlotte enough. Leaving a session with her makes me feel utterly and totally relaxed and like I've been at a retreat. Thanks Charlotte for always making me feel bliss!"
"Thank you so much for today Charlotte. I have walked into your room a mess and walked out completely zen. Love your work you are unreal and will be back asap!"
"Thank you Charlotte!! I'm feeling the best I have in ages thanks to you! I'm sure my sleep tonight will be the best I've had in ages too! Looking forward to seeing you again in 4 weeks!"

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